Meet the man with the longest penis( see photos)


Roberto Esquivel cabrera is the man recognized by the world Guinness book of record as the man with the longest male private part and he has spent his life making an attempt to increase the scale of his manhood at teenage age.

This is really awesome seeing a man having such a large penis and I wonder how he gets comfortable walking with it according to reports Roberto had used weights to stretch his penis to 19inches meant his claim was absurd.

The 55 year old would attach weights to his erectile organ to undertake and stretch it out.

During an extermination on him by a Dr in the United Nations examined him to verify the scale of his crotch, Dr Gonzalez said“He began with this enlargement since he was a youngster, wrapping some bands around his erectile organ with some weights and making an attempt to stretch it.”

Although the specialists United Nations agency examined him believe that the majority of the eighteen.9 inche is meat that he’s packing is simply foreskin.

What do you have to say about this drop your comments and opinions and how do you think this man is going to walk with this kind of penis because I wonder how his walking step is going to be.

Kindly drop your comments and opinions also share with friends because this is really amazing.

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