How it works


Our registration is a one time fee of 200 naira and this fee is for the maintainance of our website.

this is how Britfameword writing hub works.

This site is for writers and lovers of writing and great news.

How to register go to registration fill in your username your surname and your name then at the space that shows enter website copy this link and paste there after that go to the next that shows biographical information , enter informations about your self and also this is where you will enter your payment details, enter your bank name, account number and account name also provide your phone number.

After that click on summit, ensure you fill all correctly after that you see a message display, thanks for registering, then wait in couple of minutes or sometimes it takes up to 24 hours for our editors to review your account. If after reviewing we find your account qualified we would approved your membership then you can start creating post and start earning.

How Do I PoSt

Incase you are asking questions like how will I publish a post and how will I earn, this is an answer to the question after your registration you can’t login until your account is approved, after that when approved start creating post note: : we don’t pay for copied post and we can ban your account if you make any attempt to post any item that’s not original.

How Do we Pay

We pay you monthly based on the number of articles you published and the number of clicks you got, for example if Mr A published 10 articles in the month of July and have at least minimum of 100 clicks in all the articles, we will pay Mr A 10,000 naira and if Mr B has only 5 original articles in a month but have at least minimum of 100 clicks we will pay Mr B 4,200 naira for that month.

But we recently did a revision on our payment policy and terms so with the new payment strategy we pay you 200 naira for each of your original approved article on our site and we calculate based on the number of articles you have written in our site.Note : we don’t pay for articles with the following errors.

  1. Articles that look like adverts
  2. Articles that abuse poeple
  3. Articles that promote brands other than britfameworld advertisement company
  4. Articles with fake news and vulgar contents.

we pay for every other content you can also. Post videos we pay you 150 for each original video you upload.

Our referral system

This is how britfameworld hub referral work .

Due to some fraudulent acts which some members of the site indulge in to get referals we have setup a very strong referral system.

How to refer.once you get a friend that wants to join britfameworld give the person our link and when the person is about to register tell him or her to put your username and email in the biography section of the registration form. For example if you refer OBI when obi is registering and gets to the box that shows biographical info, he should have Something like this ( referred by Mr A

Username : ama11


Date refered : 20/12/2020

Thats all and thats how to refer to britfameworld hub once the person Registers during his account review and activation we will see who referred him or her and the person will be credited within 24hours our our confirmation of the person’s payment.

NOTE: our payment dates will always be announced group and our social media platforms so endeavor to always follow us for updates.

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